Assistant manager was brill. It states online you can use debit card. I was asked to pay £70 deposit to insure me against damage to the vehicle which I was told would be refunded to me on return of the vehicle . Title of Your Review * Review * Review Photo. At this point, is not about the money. Always a great rental experience ...Recommend to all Useful. Patient care always comes first and I would have to make alternate arrangements for childcare if I was late off.The same should be expected of him too. Went straight back to them but due to the late time their office was closed. Ridiculous! Tell your story. I’ve always rented with Hertz with incredible experiences but figured I’d try Enterprise because 1) the Monroe location is 10 minutes from my house and 2)they were cheaper for the midsize rental. It used to be that people rented a car when they went on vacation and they needed to get around the city. Your review will help other people to make a more informed choice in the future. Think twice before going the enterprise on 585 Mccarter Hwy, Newark. Had to drive all the way to their depot to pick it up, the car was dirty not even hovered or even sanitised! I can’t say that my past experiences with other locations has been the same but the staff at this specific location needs a lot of improvement and costumer services skills. They are locally accessible throughout my city and airport locations. If Enterprise is maybe ok in general, it is not good in Germany at all. This company has really gone down in my estimation. Extortionate. Enterprise car rental is the worst rental company in Australia. Would never recommend this company as they have not a clue regarding customer service or how to act. Write a Review About an IT Solution. Branch manager stated it was illegal for me to use my partners card. He didn’t acknowledge that as kept referring back to “if you had answered my phone call” Didn’t walk round the van despite my request to. Terrible service damages were pointed out at collection point but gent stated for the wheel it didn't matter as they don't bother about that and the rest was noted on system.Low and behold when returning car there is no damage been noted and therfore claiming me or should I say my company!! Intuit allows pro advisors that are reported to be performing with high incompetence to the general public and … They will charge you for fuel even if you return the car with full gas tank! Poor customer service. THERE WOULD NOT BE A BAD REVIEW!! give me a break!I think @Enterprise International might be interested as well, because this gives to the whole Company a very bad reputation and you do not want that either. Beware of this company. She never once offered me a ride to any where, or called other Enterprise to come get me and take me to dealership. They charged me about 400 for it! In the office they want a credit card to confirm the address. I have called and emailed at least six times can’t get a response customer service very poor. You've already flagged this Advertisement. Each experience had it's challenges, some better than others but this one was by far the worst. I was denied this, I asked for the AA report on the incident, they said I had been asked for my email address by the as man, I hadn't and a report wasn't sent to it They said the report wasn't sent to them even though the call out was by them on their contract.I have no contact from the manager at Daleside Road, JAKE or the area manager. The company I work for is a customer of Enterprise for over 40 years. Reviewers write the most about Enterprise Truck Rental Truck Rental and give it 2.0 stars out of 5. On the day if picking the van I called them to see if everything was alright and to see if I could get the van before the time that was booked as I managed to finish work earlier,for my surprise they were clueless about my booking,they eventually found it but I had to wait for them to call me back with my details. I booked to hire a van a month before in advance as I was planning to go to Portugal to help a couple moving back home. So you've come to write a trucking and transportation company review? They informed me it would be my banks fault...What a load of bull s...tI said Ive work in pay role for years all you need to do is press the bloody button.Who the hell does that. I do not know much about german traffic laws, but in the moral field I can say that Enterprise Germany are a bunch of psychopaths, because they do not warn you from the beginning when you rent the car about how dangerous they are.Do not believe what they tell you, read always all the pages of the fine print of the contract and study german laws before going with them. Your feedback helps companies be better and shows buyers who they can trust. Left fuel in the red when it’s policy to be 1/4. All reviews are checked and may be edited by our editorial team. For reference, I have rented cars in Cabo, Mexico for over 5 years. Your overall rating. Send me my glasses please 12/28 lost. If the german branch is profitable, that is to the detriment of me so I share my case. This includes washing, vacuuming, general wipe down, and sanitizing with a disinfectant that meets leading health authority requirements, with particular attention to more than 20-plus high-touch points. I don't recommend them at all.. Give me 2 cars which were apparently prestige class vehicles. Monday morning after our vacation, we had … On the 26 I went to return the car and asked for a refund for the 25 because the car was sitting in my garage and I was waiting for someone to call me. He replied that would be my exposure in event of damage. I had received an email from Enterprise for a free upgrade but from judging from the 6 cars on the lot, the Jeep and Ford included, I was stuck with the Jeep. Filter by: Filter by: david mason 1 review. He found another car for us and was extremely nice about it - free upgrade too. However when i returned the car to Queens Rd Bradford after one week the whole attidude of the company changed it was like a different company. They will ruin your day and leave you stranded because “oh, online is a third party system”Even if I wasn’t driving around to look at email, I would never had seen an email to confirm in 2 minutes. Write a review Write a review Reviews 18,668 Write a review. If I could leave a no star review I would do. Enterprise kindly told me I could leave it at volvo when I collected my own car after it had been repaired which I did, and then randomly they hit me with a bill 4 weeks later for £250 for a gouged tyre? Threatened court action and soon changed they mind. Enterprise review: Rental options. Went out of their way to help us get into the car we wanted. She was very rude and mean to me. I was then told by the branch manager “you can’t leave your car here” but he was clearly in a rush as the branch had closed. Most Recent Customer Review. I was reading the “deposit” info and was confused. I recently made a reservation at this Enterprise on Monday January 4th,2021. A complaint has not been raised even though they would not look into the matter.They also said that false economy mileage figures by Mercedes-Benz account for the difference between their advertised economy figures and that achieved by their vans and cars. Would go back and have recommended people to go there." I hope when the next review is up my company move to another company. Voice your opinion today and hear what 18546 customers have already said. I complained to customer services and I can’t fault the kindness and understanding from her, and she deeply apologised and arranged for their area manager to call me to discuss my complaint and £18 refund. £218 was deducted from my account and only £200 returned.I called the branch to challenge this and request £18 refund. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. How disgusting nobody told me even after speaking to Harlow yesterday. As long as you’ve got the time of course, which is why we’ve made it quick and easy to write a review on IT Central Station. After some deliberation i was "allowed" to take the car to a local respected tyre repair company to fix the puncture and here you go £15.00 for the repair a new valve and balancing. 127 reviews for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 1.6 stars: 'Spoke to Nicole at this Manheim Pike location. He continued to guilt trip me about him being late for his children. Their staff will use all tactics to make you add various insurances for the car hire which are extremely expensive. - There's a LIZARD behind the curtain!If you want to try it yourself, ask them to send you the contract the day before to read all the fine print. Page 1 of 13 Review Management Software Link Building Software More. It turned out i had a nail in the tyre and the lady told me i would have to pay ..........wait for it £500 excess! View All num of num Close (Esc) See All Photos See All Photos. Would not use again. Very bad customer service and descriminative behavior towards me . I couldn't believe it!! Tell your story. Do you agree with Enterprise's TrustScore? All reviews are checked and may be edited by our editorial team. You can’t add an anonymous review.Here is some more info that others will see: 1. Reply. Not only will your valuable feedback help hundreds of other people like you, it will also help us, and the trucking and transportation companies we feature, to continuously improve our services to better serve you, the customer. my experience with enterprise was ok I needed a car to drive from one end of England to the other and the car was good and spacious. Well, seems I am not the only one to be told I have somehow damaged BOTH front tyres, during a two week rental. Do not hesitate- write a review of Your current and past employers. On the day I booked everything I spoke to them on the phone and made them aware of the purpose of the hiring,they said it was fine and told me about all the insurance and covers to protect the van until the day I returned and I agreed with everything. This is a stupid stupid stupid system. I tried to return the car on the 24 at 3:30 pm and the store was closed, so I called the 1800 number and they told me that someone was going to contact me with information about where to drop off the car and no one did. The first time, we were promised a mid sized sedan only to arrive and be offered a van. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. And any customer facing role. Thanks John, thank you Enterprise! Very unprofessional, and very rude to me. He Told me “give me your key” and stormed off.Returned the vehicle. Digital Marketing Integrated Search Content Marketing Reputation Management Web Design Web Development Landing Page Optimization Affiliate Marketing Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Link Removal Site Audit Mobile Marketing WordPress Development Schema Optimization More . Tell your story. Serve your customers. He also said I could pay £7.50 per day to cover that. They took £1,200 in excess, took several calls to get a refund chased up, then they came up with a spurious claim that the dent repair was higher than the £1,200!I am going through a arbitration process to try and get some money back, but save yourself the hassle and go literally anywhere else! I returned the car to the Jaguar dealer in Cambridge, who were doing the repair. I would not be returning to Chicago A month later, I received extra charges on my bill. 1) The People: If you ever decide to work for Enterprise, one of the first things you'll hear about the company is the quality of the employees. Written on: 05/08/2019 by 341McCain (1 review written) Enterprise advertise 'no hidden costs'. He kept making comments “don’t you have any card with £200 on?” Well no, I can’t magic that kind of money up. One car was open, and he did not give it to us because it smelled badly. Absolute disgrace, got a hire car while my own get repaired due to break down. Your review will help other people to make a more informed choice in the future. Jobs; Companies; Salaries; Interviews; Search. Write a review Write a review Reviews 125 Write a review. Turned up to collect at 15:50. I get there to pick up rental at reserved time only to find out that they don't have a car for me to rent (excuse was that the weekend rentals hadn't been returned.) Original review: Aug. 30, 2020. They for real? We left without a rental. Enterprise misleads you on their websites about refund of money if you use the car for less days than you originally booked. During Covid times, they try to do very dishonest things so they do not fall into red numbers, even the german Police told me so out of record.Watch the fine print of the contract! Steve S 4 reviews. Phoned them up to say that I need a replacement as I don’t feel comfortable driving this car. Rental online made at 9:03am and cancel email at 9:05. 9 reviews of Enterprise Rent-A-Car "You get top notch Treatment at this location. Your review will help other people to make a more informed choice in the future. Do you agree with Enterprise’s 4-star rating? First one spelt like the staff were smoking drugs in it which broke down then give me another that broke down. !I asked them to review cctv which they said we can do that later after charges are raised. Not only do they cancel customers bookings without notice or consideration on how the customer will be affected but they treat and rip their staff off. He said his branch manager would call me later that day to discuss... he didn’t. On Tuesday Jan 12th, I go to return the car and the girl at the counter was extremely rude with me, refused to give me a ride to where I needed to go to pick my car up. How was your experience with CKS Enterprise? I will strongly suggest to everyone we know, never to fall victim to this location’s bait-and-switch tactics. When you call them to dispute they are extremely rude and they don't even listen to what you are saying they just keep threatening you with debt collectors... Never trust this bunch of lying thieves with your money! All reviews are checked and may be edited by our editorial team. I told the guy about my car being in the shop for repairs and asked what to do if I needed the car a day or 2 longer, he said for me to call the Enterprise of where Id be dropping the car off at and let them know. I rented out a car due to an accident and my car wouldn’t be ready for a month. Hired a van. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Enterprise Reviews 4 • Great . Luckily I was recording the conversation as it was very threatening and will be taking to Trading Standards. I arrive at 10:20 to pick up and they inform me that I had no car because I didn’t confirm email. I spent more money too! search Toggle navigation. After the car got returned they phoned me that I need to pay £200 for a new tyre, kindly advise them to **** off and hinged up. But what I found sketchy is that when I was returning my car they told me to leave it at the shop where they fixed my car without inspection. From girl that dropped off the car to the team in the office . 06/07/2020. Visa card that I paid is of no interest to them. Prices were good too! I rented from Enterprise in Chicago, Illinois. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Share your experience, click to the region where you were and write a review. He argued it wasn’t in red. 127 reviews for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 1.6 stars: 'Spoke to Nicole at this Manheim Pike location. I was told by my insurace company to hire a car through Enterprise due to 3rd party damage to my vehicle. They made me to feel like some sort of criminal? You can only read it when you pick up the car, so you have to go through all the pages for hours with a lawyer next to you when you just need to drive and go? I was told to get a replacement car while my own was repaired after someone gouged the side in a car park Being handled by other party’s insurer. It was after hours and I had parked directly beside the Enterprise car rental station at the airport, in a parking spot. Well after gathering myself off the floor in shock she said that she would speak to her manager about it and came back with a counter offer of if i pay £200 now they would reimberse me the difference after the tyre was repaired! Super easy experience. Avoid! I rented a vehicle in December 22-24. Your review will help other people to make a more informed choice in the future. Title of Your Review * Review * Review Photo. Thanks for taking the time to write a review for VILLVERDE ENTERPRISE. It was with a 1/4 tank diesel to which I added 40 litres a total of 58 litres. So on Monday Jan 12th, I called the Pinellas location to let them know, and was harrassed by who ever I talked to and they where very rude too me. Had hired a van to move home, had it all confirmed by Email even joined there loyalty club.As I only had one day to get the removal done i arrived to pick van up at 07:45 for 08:00 collection to be told they didnt have a van ready but could TRY and get one for late afternoon!Acted as if it was my problem not theres! They ask for additional money for insurance on the day. The fact that they clearly took me as a joke and lied to me from day one wasting my time. Your feedback helps companies be better and shows buyers who they can trust. Used Enterprise Hinckley. Thanks for taking the time to write a review for Enterprise Insurance Co. Ltd. (Koforidua Office). Instantly moaned at by customer assistant that I hadn’t answered his phone call to complete speedy checkin. Filter by: Filter by: Tim Higgins 5 reviews. It doesn't matter if you take a comprehensive insurance, because they might force some local laws to claim you. COVID update: Enterprise Car Sales has updated their hours and services. Someone does not need to be on vacation to rent a car. Andrea 201-667-1169. Here they go again.....what a dodgy enterprise. View Best Firms For … Be seen as a thought leader : You’ve obviously got some great tips and best practices to share with others.

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